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  4 Reasons to Teach Your Child to Lead
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by Karen Randau on JULY 23, 2015 in STORIES, WORLD POVERTY

When my son was earning the rank of Eagle with Boy Scouts, he attended national youth leadership training three consecutive summers. While he enjoyed being at camp with other boys, he typically complained about the time taken from his summer vacation to learn principles of leadership when he didn’t consider himself a leader.

Now a young adult, he sees the value of that leadership training. He knows that, even from his perch on the bottom rung of the career ladder, he can have a significant impact on his coworkers. Depending upon the type of influence he chooses to be – positive or negative – how he leads from the bottom rung will determine who he is when he reaches the top.

In my years at Food for the Hungry (FH), I’ve witnessed the same kinds of principles being taught through our programs. I recently read reports from five communities in Nicaragua that reminded me why every parent should teach their children to lead.

Reason 1: To build character.

God has a plan for every child. All experiences in life, both good and bad, are stepping stones toward the fulfillment of that plan. For your child to reach her potential, you need to help her build a strong character based on solid biblical principles.

In a Focus on the Family blog post, Shana Schutte declared that children learn character by example, and that your beliefs determine the character you model.

She suggested that you show your kids godly character when you:

•    Stay close to God.
•    Take a close inventory of your heart and motivations on a regular basis.
•    Confess your sins to Christ and to others.
•    Journal to keep connected with what’s motivating you.
•    Talk with a trusted friend about your spiritual and emotional struggles.

Reason 2: To build self-esteem.

For your child to gain a healthy self-esteem, he must know that he is made in God’s image and is individually loved by God. He must know that you love and respect him. A child with a healthy self-esteem is less likely to fall victim to Satan’s lies.

In his book, Have a New Kid by Friday, Dr. Kevin Leman outlined the ABCs of cultivating a healthy self-esteem in your child: Acceptance (listen and ask questions to show you care about his interests and concerns rather than criticizing clothing and music choices), Belonging (allowing him to take part in decisions, listening to him and supporting him in positive activities such as sports) and Competence (resist the urge to be over protective and do things for him that he should do for himself).

Reason 3: To honor God and steward the resources He provides.

As part of your child’s relationship with God, others and the rest of creation, she must understand that God created everything and manifests through all of creation. We are called to serve as His stewards over the environment and animal kingdom.

In a Charisma magazine article, Scott Huntington suggested five ways to teach your children to respect creation.
1.    Get them used to being around animals so they don’t develop irrational fears.
2.    Help them learn about animals by going to the zoo and by researching together.
3.    Encourage them to volunteer in local shelters and by petsitting.
4.    Model kindness and compassion toward animals.
5.    Teach them biblical stewardship and respect for the environment.

Reason 4: To build a solid sense of community.

Part of being a good citizen is being involved. Model local, national and global citizenship to your children by participating in school activities, community school drives and local and national elections. Also, become a world citizen. You can do that by giving to organizations that are working to help improve conditions of children in other countries.

How FH Teaches Kids to Lead

Living in Nicaragua, Teresita de Jesus Estrada is an example of how FH teaches children to lead. FH staff have taught her healthy habits, such as eating right, having healthy relationships and staying close to God. She is one of several teens who have been included in a leadership initiative. Teresita has learned to inspire others to positive behavior through her own actions.

FH secured a scholarship for Teresita to become a computer operator. She is showing her friends to follow their dreams by continuing their education. As a result, fewer teens in her community are quitting school early to work or marry young, which would trap them in a cycle of poverty.

Much of what Teresita learned about health and nutrition came from a Food for the Hungry group in which parents learn how to better care for their families. Now that she’s working toward becoming a leader in her community, she helps bring God’s message to her neighbors through this group, and she promotes good health and nutrition. She also visits children who are not attending class and encourages them to get back in school.

What You Can Do

In addition to modeling positive behavior and character to the kids in your life, teach them how to be a positive influence on other children. You can also pray for and give to organizations like Food for the Hungry to help some of the world’s most vulnerable children to thrive, and then to go on to become leaders in their communities.

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